Why choose Transition Management Services while migrating from a legacy platform?

Transitions from one system to another in the midst of a project are always a difficult process. Most businesses don’t plan properly for transitions and end up encountering many pitfalls that threaten crucial aspects of business. It simply won’t do for you to go in poorly prepared for such a gargantuan task which is why there are companies that specialize in transition management services.

KALS Information Systems Limited is a frontrunner when it comes to professional transition management services and they have carved a niche for themselves in this area. Their transition services management package includes directing the project, handling the old system, data clean up and migration, training in-house teams in the chosen technology. KALS Information Systems Ltd reviews from customers rave about the fact that they are focussed on the problems from both the vendor’s and business’ perspective. Read on to learn more about the services covered under transition management.

Benefits of Transition Management Services

Here are some of the benefits of transition management services:

  • Complete documentation (End to End)
  • Effective project management until migration and even during maintenance and support
  • Improved quality owing to quality and process management
  • Scheduled and timely execution that lead to better and faster results

Transition Management Services – what they entail?

KALS Information Systems takes over project management and relieves the IT team in-house of the pressure of handling transition management. Senior managers are deployed to oversee the transition process and pitch in with their experience. Application maintenance and support also fall under the purview of transition management and KALS helps with maintenance of the old system. Migration and clean-up is another area where the company excels so much so that there are no KALS Information Systems Ltd. Complaints to be found on the net! Technology orientation and user acceptance testing too are taken care of under the package; if you are in the process of a transition, better take help from companies that are experienced in managing transitions smoothly. With their experience, you are sure to be of the free of nags and worries that are usually a part and parcel of transitions.

For more information on Transition Management Services, check out http://www.kalsinfo.com/transition.php.

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